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What's New!
  • [August 2015] -- Augusta (GA) Genealogical Society Homecoming Seminar [details coming
  • Additional scheduled talks (2015) listed here.

Recent News!
  • [28 April 2015] -- TALK -- Wake County Genealogical Society -- Sign of the Times: Timelines
    in Genealogy
  • [13 April 2015] -- TALK -- High Point (NC) Library -- An Introduction to Freedmen’s Bureau
  • [28 March 2015] -- TALKS -- Fairfax County Genealogical Society Spring Conference -- 4
    talks on NC research [available for purchase via JAMB]
  • [26 March 2015] -- TALK -- Fairfax County Genealogical Society -- Across County Lines: Two
    States, Multiple Counties -- What's a border?
  • [9 January 2015] -- TALK -- North Carolina Genealogical Society Webinar -- North Carolina
    pre-1913 Vital Records [available for purchase; NCGS Members can access for FREE]
  • [19 November 2014] -- TALK -- [Topic -- Civil War Genealogy Resources] -- Wake County
    Library System, East Regional Library (Knightdale, NC)
  • [15 September - 20 October 2014] -- TALK-- OLLI (via NCSU) -- Beginning Genealogy -- So
    Many Ancestors; Let's Get Started! [6 week course]
  • [4 October 2014] -- TALK -- Joel Lane House (Raleigh, NC) -- Joel Lane's Ancestors: Digging
    Deeper [an in-depth look into Colonial NC Records -- what survives & what can you learn;
    available for purchase including handout ($15) send email to joellane@bellsouth.net]
  • [14 October 2014 -- TALK -- Calling in the Big Guns - When to Hire a Professional
    Genealogist, How They Can Help, and What to Expect -- Joint WCGS/D-OGS Meeting
  • [MAY 2014] Diane's webinar Freedmen's Bureau Records for the North Carolina
    Genealogical Society went live May 16 2014. NCGS Members can access for FREE.  For a
    fee, now  available as CD & includes handout
  • [APRIL 2014] Diane created a Flipboard Magazine for Upfront with NGS posts
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